First, Customer Needs

The development of social organizations in Nanjing West Road town, Jing’an District, Shanghai was lagging behind the economic development. The hub social organization of Nanjing West Road, Social Organization Service Center of Nanjing West Road Town (hereinafter referred to as the “the Center”), is neither short of funds nor of legal body. However, since its establishment in 2004, the Center has had no teams to operate it. With the development of society, social organizations in Nanjing West Road town needed a service center to provide more comprehensive and systematic professional services.

In order to activate the Center, Nanjing West Road town government hired NPO Development Center, Shanghai (hereinafter referred to as the “NDC”) to recruit, establish and train a professional and efficient operation team for the Center, and help set up institutional governance, management and operation mechanism to guide the Center to manage social organization incubator.


Second, The Solution

NDC provides a “one-stop” capacity building service for the Center’s team for 6 months.

(1) Mechanism Construction.

NDC improved the Center’s management system and standardized operation. It also helped the Center establish basic communication tools, and participate in 3A-level social organization assessment. NDC guided the Center’s team to develop Nanjing West Road town’s public welfare project selection criteria, government procurement process, and public bidding platform.

(2) Training.

NDC carried out 8 theme training courses for the Center’s team and social organizations in the community, including financial management, public welfare project design and management, and public welfare project evaluation and so on. It also provided one-to-one counseling service, organized visits and salons for them to expand their public welfare awareness and ideas, and improve their work skills such as activity planning.

(3) Community Research.

NDC studied the development status of Nanjing West Road town community and social organizations in the community, and compiled research reports to promote the cooperation among the town government, the Center, social organizations and neighborhood committees. It helped the Center explore ways to cultivate and incubate social organizations, and helped social organizations to play a greater role in community governance.


Third, Achievements

Through the guidance and nurture of NDC, the Center did not only establish a diversified and well-governed board and supervisory board, a dynamic 3-person operation team, and also established a set of standardized rules and regulations, and effective communication tools. The Center established links with social organizations within its jurisdiction, and successfully introduced and hatched a number of social organizations. The Center also successfully passed the 3A-level social organization assessment in Oct, 2016.